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​Couples Therapy

Assessments/Letters for Gender Transitions

I do not accept insurance at this time. I will provide you with monthly superbills if you wish to be re-imbursed by an out of network provider. 

My fee for individual work is $225 hour.  For couples work my full fee is $275-$350/session depending on length of session. Sliding scales are available for many clients based on ability to pay. 

I work with adults or adolescents struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD, difficulties in their relationships, exploration of identity, and life transitions

I work with couples struggling with relationship issues, life transitions, infidelity, polyamorous relationships, sexual difficulties, parenting struggles, and other issues. I work with those identified as queer, non-binary, kink-oriented, those in throuples, polycubes and other non-traditional relationships.

I  typically meet with individuals for 2-3 sessions before completing recommendations.


Individual Therapy


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